Celebrate Organic September with the ethical and local Cuckoo Gin

Organic September is all about celebrating natural farming and the UK’s dedication to growing the organic food market. And what better way for us to join in on the action than to put the spotlight on one of our house gins which values the same ethos; Cuckoo Gin!

Nestled in the rural Lancashire countryside, Cuckoo Gin is handcrafted using locally sourced ingredients found in the fields surrounding the Brindle Distillery. Working to a standard that they believe even Mother Nature would be proud of, their eco-friendly commitments spread throughout the distilling process – from the locally sourced spring water to their renewable energy biomass boilers used to heat up their still named Maggie (named after the family’s Great Auntie Margaret who apparently enjoyed a glass or two of good quality gin. We like the sound of her!).

The botanicals used in the Cuckoo Gin have been chosen dependant on their sustainability and ethical grounding, and of course their flavours which give Cuckoo gin its distinctive taste. A very smooth gin which quickly develops into a refreshingly citrus drink with lingering tones of liquorice and cinnamon spice, a delightful G&T!

So why is it called Cuckoo? Legend has it that in the village of Brindle, when the first call of the Cuckoo was heard Spring would start and bring with it the fertility needed to grow the food the villagers relied upon. According to local folklore, the villagers decided to try capture the Cuckoo in order to bring them good farming weather not just for Spring, but all year round. Unfortunately their plan failed and the Cuckoo escaped, and from that day forth any person from Brindle was referred to as a ‘Brindle Cuckoo’. Following the tradition, the distillery decided that ‘Cuckoo Gin’ was an appropriate name for their produce lovingly born and bred in the Brindle Distillery.

Celebrate Organic September with us by ordering a Cuckoo gin and tonic, we’ll be serving it up with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic and a slice of lime.


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