Celebrate Yorkshire Day with a Yorkshire gin

At V.SQ, we love introducing new gins to our bar and pride ourselves as being at the front of the sampling line when we hear about new brands launching on the market. Over the last year, we’ve added around 10 Yorkshire gins to our menu of 170 tipples and love hearing about the story and inspiration behind each one, so when we find out about a new gin with Yorkshire roots we can’t wait to get our hands on a bottle! 

What better way to celebrate Yorkshire Day than with a Yorkshire Gin? Check out the selection we have in the bar: 

Samantha Long, the Founder of Spirits of Bronte Drinks Company, is a Yorkshire lass who has lived in Bronte Country for over 30 years. Inspired by the rugged landscape and literary heritage of her local area, she decided to create an old-school drink that tasted like when ‘gin was gin’. 

Tasting notes: a citrus kick with a super-smooth finish 

Using the purest of Yorkshire water and the right balance of juniper, citrus elements and a secret botanical ratio, Masons Yorkshire Gin is distilled in their very own copper alembic stills “Steve” and “Leftie”. We also have the Masons Lavender gin and Yorkshire Tea gin available in the bar if you want to try something a bit different. 

Tasting notes: a pleasant fennel character, perfect for a liquorice lover 

Distilled under the watchful eye of Sara Birkinshaw in the heart of the city, Leeds Gin has a brilliant balance of botanicals as well as a hint of Yorkshire most famous export, rhubarb. Inspired by the spirit of Leeds, Sara wanted to create a drink which the city and region could be proud of. 

Tasting notes: smooth and crisp with a bittersweet touch of forced Yorkshire rhubarb 

Enterprising Harrogate residents, Marcus Black and Mike Carthy, were on a mission to capture and bottle the restorative nature of the town in the form of gin… and we’d say they’ve succeeded. Named after William Slingsby an English adventurer who, as legend has it, was the person to discover the magical properties of Harrogate’s Tewit Well water in 1571. 

Tasting notes: a soft sweet gin with a mix of fruity and liquorice flavours 

Distilled in the only distillery in the Harrogate region, Whittaker’s Gin is the creation of husband and wife team Toby and Jane Whittaker. Wanting to capture the Yorkshire countryside in a bottle, Whittaker’s Gin has a combination of botanicals you’re likely to find when roaming the countryside and is sweetened with Bog Myrtle; a herb found on the moors with a spicy aroma and richness like vanilla. We’ve also recently added Whittaker’s Pink Particular gin to our menu!

Tasting notes: earthy tones balanced with floral notes and a hint of citrus 

Introduced to Sloe Gin by her father-in-law, Fiona Mann decided to set up in the business after creating delicious recipes in own kitchen. The liqueurs are made using locally sourced and foraged ingredients nearby the rural village of Addingham and are perfect for those of us with a sweet tooth! 

Tasting notes: ultra fruity flavours with the warmth of gin 

Like any good story, The Lickerish Tooth was born from the minds of two drunk men and a wife who went along with the idea. The distillery is based in Egton, a small village in the North Yorkshire Moors, in an old cow shed which contains ‘Sarah’ their 400 litre copper pot still.  

Sheep’s Eye Gin, tasting notes: a crisp gin with fresh flavours of pepper, celery and thyme 

Ginger Ninja, tasting notes: powered with juniper with long and warm lingering finish of ginger 

After eight months of experimenting with flavours to create a gin that could be served on its own or as part of a cocktail, the gin was distilled in Sheffield by Locksley Distilling Co and named after local lad and hero, Robin Hood. 

Tasting notes: bubbling tones of elderflower with warm cassia notes soothed with dandelion. 

This ‘otterly marvellous gin’ is the creation of another husband and wife team who moved to Harrogate after falling in love with the area on a glamping trip. Combining business and pleasure, the couple decided to join forces and create a tipple using the famous Harrogate Spring Water. Soon to be relocating to the Ripley Castle Estate where they will have not only a distillery on the grounds but also a Gin School. How exciting! 

Tasting notes: a sweet and smooth gin with lavender, pink grapefruit and Harrogate Spring Water 


Not sure which one to choose? Ask our bar team for a bit of guidance and we’ll pick out a gin with the botanicals we think will tickle your taste buds.


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