Gin of the Month for October – Lighthouse Gin

Like a beacon across a stormy sea, this gin will shine a light over our bar and call out for you to try it (very poetic, we know). Lighthouse Gin is distilled on the North Island of New Zealand using a unique blend of botanicals and water which travels from the Rimutaka Ranges. The crisp zesty flavour of Lighthouse Gin can be attributed to the New Zealand Navel oranges and Yen Ben lemons, along with 7 other botanicals, which are used in the distillation process that took over five years to perfect.

The inspiration behind the gin comes from, unsurprisingly, a lighthouse! Founder and Master Distiller, Neil Catherall, used inspiration from the Cape Palliser Lighthouse to research and experiment a variety of native botanicals to create a unique small batch gin. Whilst also concocting the perfect recipe for the gin, Neil also designed a 200 litre copper still which was built by local craftsmen and is the same still used to this day! Now distilled under the direction of Rachel Hall, Lighthouse Gin continues to produce this exceptional gin with the Cape Palliser Lighthouse beaming in the distance.

At V.SQ, we’re serving Lighthouse Gin with Lamb & Watt Basil Tonic with fresh lemon zest as the garnish.


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